Artiste Monet

The award winning Artiste Monet™ is an extremely bright fully featured LEDProfile fixture offering outstanding projection quality and a wide color mixing gamut through its variable SpectraColor engine.

Providing up to 45,000 lumens from its efficient 950W 6,500K LED engine the Monet is the ideal fixture for any application requiring superior output, bright and powerful beams, quiet operation as well as stunningly precise gobos and colors. Monet integrates Elation's new SpectraColor system which offers traditional CMY mixing but adds a variable RGB color mix for rich saturated primaries. In combination with the variable CTO the Monet allows for colors that were previously impossible to achieve, from theatrical pastels to the most vibrant red or blues ever produced by a color mixing system. The wide color gamut of the Artiste Monet achieved by seven color mixing flags with 16bit precision provides artistic possibilities that are truly inspiring. The fixed color wheel offers UV and High CRI options to round out the amazing color range of the fixture. The full blackout framing array includes Elation's newly designed unlimited indexing and continuous rotation control. Shapes can rotate like gobos while morphing and transforming, allowing new creative transitions and interesting projection and aerial effects not previously possible. Monet also offers a comprehensive FX package with 7 rotating and 7 fixed interchangeable glass gobos, full animation wheel, dual prisms, dual frost and a high-speed Iris. With a fast zoom range from 6.8° to 55° and an impressive 160mm front lens the Monet has the power to cut through at even great distances in arena touring environments or large TV or Theater Stages. Numerous software innovations have been implemented into the Monet such as DMX controllable variable fan modes which offer low noise operation for noise sensitive environments.

The Artiste Monet fixture ships in a cardboard box with a custom fitted polyurethane foam FIL (Foam In Lay) insert. This foam insert easily fits into a custom sized flight case (not included), and provides enhanced impact protection during transport.

Technical Data


High Efficiency 950W 6,500K White LED Engine
Up to 45,000 Total Lumen Fixture Output
SpectraColor CMYRGB Array and Variable Linear CTO
6 Position Color Wheel, High CRI, UV Filter
Full Blackout Framing System with 360° Continuous Index and Rotation of Shapes
Complete FX System Featuring Rotating & Fixed Gobos, Animation, Iris, Dual Prism, Dual Frost
Wide Zoom Range from 6.8° to 55° / Large 160mm Front Aperture Lens
DMX Controllable Variable Fan Modes / Low Noise Operation, Studio (37db @ 1M 50% output) and Mute (33db @ 1M 25% output) mode options
FIL (Foam In Lay) Polyurethane Foam Packaging Included


950W 6,500K Bright White LED Engine
30,000 Hour Average LED Life*
*Lamp Life may vary depending on several factors including but not limited to:
Environmental Conditions, Power/Voltage, Usage Patterns (On-Off Cycling), Control and Dimming.


45,000 Total Output Lumens
CRI 72+ (84 with HCRI Filter)

Zoom Range 6.8° - 55°
Beam Angle 4.8° - 41.2°
Field Angle 6.1° - 51°


SpectraColor CMY + RGB Color Mixing Array
6 Dichroic Colors including High CRI Filter and UV
Linear CTO Color Correction


Motorized Zoom (large 160mm front lens)
4-Rotating Full Blackout Framing Blades
360˚Continuous Framing Index and Rotation
Full 360° Bi-Directional Animation Wheel
4-Facet and Linear, Rotating Prisms
2 Variable Frost Filters (Light and Wash)
Motorized Iris with Variable Pulse Effects
Internal Color, Framing, Prism, and Frost Macros
Variable 16-bit Dimming Curve Modes
High Speed Electronic Shutter and Strobe
DMX Controllable LED Refresh Rate
Pan Angle: 540°/630°
Tilt Angle: 250°


2 Gobo Wheels
7 Static interchangeable Glass Gobos
7 Rotating / Indexing interchangeable Glass Gobos


Two DMX Channel Modes (40 / 67 channels)
Motorized Focus and Auto-Focus Presets
DMX Controllable Variable Fan Modes
16-bit Pan, Tilt and Dimming Control
DMX, RDM, Art-NET, sACN Protocol Support
(6) Button Touch Control Panel
Locking 5pin XLR DMX, RJ45 Ethernet and Power
Full Color 180° Reversible LCD Menu Display
Hibernation Mode (Power Save)
USB Connection for Firmware Updates
With Wired Digital Communication Network


Length: 471.09mm (18.55 in.)
Width: 583.37mm (22.97 in.)
Height: 800.40mm (31.51 in.)
Center Spacing: 751.00mm (29.57 in)
Weight: 42.6 kg (94.0 lbs.)


1400W Max Power Consumption
AC 100-240V - 50/60Hz
BTU/hr (+/- 10%) 4456.87


Current firmware can be found here (login needed)


Specifications and documentation subject to change without notice


Color Flags
Cyan Cyan
 Magenta Magenta
 Yellow Yellow
 C.T.O. C.T.O.
 Red Red
 Green Green
 Blue Blue
Color Wheel
Green Green
 Red Red
 Blue Blue
 Orange Orange
 High CRI High CRI
Gobo Wheel 1
Gobo 17
 Gobo 22
 Gobo 30
 Gobo 34
 Gobo 35
 Gobo 36
 Gobo 78
Gobo Wheel 2
Gobo 23
 Gobo 24
 Gobo 25
 Gobo 26
 Gobo 27
 Gobo 28
 Gobo 66
Animation Wheel
Animation Wheel 1
Prism 2
 Prism 3
Endless Rotation


Artiste Monet