PROTEUS HYBRID WMG HW™ is an all white exterior IP65 rated 3-in-1 hybrid moving head beam, spot, and wash luminaire with the Philips™ MSD Platinum 21R 470W 80 CRI 8,000K lamp producing over 14,000 lumens. Features include an advanced optical system with motorized zoom from 2° in beam mode to 38° in spot mode or 40° in wash mode, an advanced internal thermal cooling system, full CMY and linear CTO color mixing, 14 dichroic colors including CTB, CTO, and UV, 8 rotating glass interchangeable and 14 static-stamped metal gobos, full 360° bi-directional animation wheel, 8-facet circular and 4-facet linear rotating prisms and frost filter, motorized focus and auto-focus, high speed mechanical shutter and strobe, DMX & RDM (Remote Device Management) protocol support, fixed IP rated power & data cables, full color 180° reversible menu display with 6 button touch control panel, battery backup for display power, and a multi-voltage universal auto switching power supply (100-240v).

The Proteus Hybrid fixture ships in a cardboard box with a custom fitted polyurethane foam FIL (Foam Inlay) insert. This foam insert easily fits into a custom sized flight case (not included) and provides enhanced impact protection during transport.

Technical Data

***Only on Special Order***


IP65 Rated 3-in-1 Hybrid Beam, Spot, Wash Luminaire
Philips™ MSD 21R 470W 80CRI 8,000K Lamp and Advanced Optics
Motorized Zoom, Beam and Spot Modes
Advanced Internal Thermal Cooling System
Full CMY Color Mixing and Linear CTO Color Correction
14 Dichroic Colors Including CTB, CTO, and UV
8 Rotating Interchangeable and 14 Static-Stamped Metal Gobos
Full 360° Bi-Directional Animation Wheel
Rotating 8-Facet Circular and 4- Facet Linear Prisms and Frost Filter
Motorized Focus and Auto-Focus
High Speed Mechanical Shutter and Strobe
DMX & RDM Support  


Philips MSD 21R 470W 8,000K Lamp
1,000 Hour Average Lamp Life*
*Lamp Life may vary depending on several factors including but not limited to:
Environmental Conditions, Power/Voltage, Usage Patterns (On-Off Cycling), Control and Dimming.


80CRI | >14,000 Lumens
13,375 LUX 1,243 FC @ 15m (49.2’) (3.0° Spot)
233,000 LUX 21,646 FC @ 15m (49.2’) (2.0° Beam)
11,500 LUX 1,068 FC @ 15m (16.4’) (4.0° Wash)
Zoom Range
Beam 2.1° - 21.5°
Spot: 2.8° - 28.6°
Wash: 4° - 31.2°


Full 360° Bi-Directional Animation Wheel
Rotating Prisms and Prism Macros
Frost Filter Hybrid Wash Effect
Motorized Focus and Auto-Focus
High Speed Mechanical Shutter and Strobe
Pan Angle: 540°/630°
Tilt Angle: 265°


14 Dichroic Colors Including CTB, CTO, and UV
Full CMY Color Mixing and Linear CTO Color Correction


8 Interchangeable Rotating / Indexing Glass
14 Static-Stamped Metal Gobos


(3) DMX Channel Modes (24 / 26 / 37)
6 Button Touch Control Panel
Full Color 180° Reversible LCD Menu Display
8 / 16 Bit Resolution Adjustable Movement
DMX & RDM Protocol Support
Fixed DMX Cable In/Out
Fixed Power Cable
With Wired Digital Communication Network


Length: 465mm (18.45")
Width: 571mm (22.5")
Vertical Height: 805mm (37.1")
Weight: 38 kg (84.0 lbs.)


AC 100-240V - 50/60Hz
700W Max Power Consumption
-20°C to 45°C (-4°F to 113°F)


Current firmware can be found here (login required)


Specifications and documentation subject to change without notice


Color Flags
Cyan Cyan
 Magenta Magenta
 Yellow Yellow
 C.T.O. C.T.O.
Color Wheel
Green Green
 Lime Green Lime Green
 Red Red
 Blue Blue
 Orange Orange
 Yellow Yellow
 Magenta Magenta
 C.T.O. C.T.O.
 Aqua Aqua
 Rose Rose
 Purple Purple
 Light Yellow Light Yellow
Gobo Wheel 1
Gobo 1
 Gobo 3
 Gobo 6
 Gobo 7
 Gobo 8
 Gobo 82
 Gobo 83
 Gobo 84
Gobo Wheel 2
Gobo 14
 Gobo 37
 Gobo 38
 Gobo 39
 Gobo 40
 Gobo 54
 Gobo 68
 Gobo 69
 Gobo 72
 Gobo 85
 Gobo 86
 Gobo 87
 Gobo 88
 Gobo 89
Prism 3
 Prism 7