Pixel Wash 40IP

The PIXEL WASH 40IP is a lightweight, outdoor IP65 rated LED wash / effect par fixture featuring 4 in 1, 10-watt RGBW LED’s, a PWM (pulse width modulation) of 44,000Hz for flicker free operation for broadcast, TV, and film applications, a beam angle of 32° and a field angle of 60°. This unit features two integrated 4pin power/data in and out whips with locking connectors. The PIXEL WASH 40IP can be combined together with PIXEL BAR 30IP, PIXEL BAR 60IP, PIXEL BAR 120IP, in any combination, to create a versatile pixel-mapped display. Optional power/data cables extensions are available in various lengths ranging from 2 to 50 feet (sold separately). Easy and versatile control options are handled by the PIXEL DRIVER 4000 V3™ and PIXEL DRIVER 1000IP™ (sold separately) and PIXEL DRIVER 170IP (sold separately), which provide simple on-board manual LED color / intensity control, and full pixel mapping control via Kling-Net, Art-Net and sACN protocols.

Technical Data


Outdoor IP65 Rated 4 in 1, 10-watt RGBW Led’s 44,000Hz PWM for Flicker Free Operation Integrated 4pin power/data in and out whips 32° Beam Angle 60° Field Angle 120° Optional lens available 


4 in 1, 10W RGBW LEDs
Beam Angle: 32°
Field Angle: 60°
PWM (Pulse Width Modulation): 44,000Hz


4pin Power/Data In/Out


For use with Pixel Driver 1000IP, PIXEL DRIVER 170IP Pixel Amp 200 and Pixel Driver 4000 V3


Length: 133mm (5.2”)
Width: 177mm (7.0”)
Height: 167mm (6.6”)
Weight: 1.56kg (3.5 lbs.)


Input: DC24V
Max Power Consumption: 40W


Max Ambient Temperature: 45°C (113°F)
Min Ambient Temperature: -20°C (-4°F)


Convection Cooled


120° Frost Lens and Magnet attachment assembly

Specifications and documentation subject to change without notice