NX 4

The NX4 is a comprehensive feature packed control surface. With a well-arranged combination of motorized and manual faders as well as an array of playback button the NX4 offers 44 total playbacks in a compact yet extremely powerful package. As a member of the innovative ONYX platform from Obsidian Control Systems the NX4 is feature rich and never restricted in its capabilities. NX4 includes a high-brightness full HD multi-touch screen, 8 assignable parameter encoders, dedicated Intensity encoder, an assistive mini touch-screen, full keypad and command section and a dedicated grand master.

Two independent playback sections offer instant access. The main playback with 10 motorized faders plus 10 play-pairs allows for quick page changes while the sub playback with 12 faders and 12 button playbacks allows important cues to always be at the user’s fingertips.

Utilizing the latest in industrial components the NX4 contains a powerful new Intel Hexa-Core processor, high speed NVMe SSD drive and 16GB of DDR4 RAM. Fast boot times, instant operation and the ability to process 64 Universes right inside the console without the need for costly external processing networks result in unprecedented power in this form factor. The NX4 is ergonomic with its motorized playback faders, short depth, easy screen access, full ONYX command and keypad section and bright adjustable HD touch screen. It is always ready to run the largest shows and events at a moment’s notice.

With four DMX ports, Timecode, Midi and dual Gigabit ports for up to 64 Universes of Art-Net, sACN plus the ONYX X-Net protocol the NX4 has all the connectivity and power the ever-increasing sizes of shows demand. Two additional 4K touch monitors are supported for even more direct access at any time.

For powerful visualization of lighting and scenery every NX4 console includes a free CAPTURE Duet Edition license. Register your NX4 at http://obsidiancontrol.com/getcapture

Please note that due to ongoing supply chain disruptions the NX4 may not have the Timecode and Midi ports installed. Required parts will be shipped to all affected customers at a later time at no charge

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Technical Data


Adjustable 15.6” Full HD multi touch screen, 2x external 4K Touch Displays
44 playbacks (10 Motorized, 12 Sub, 22 Playback Executors)
9 Encoders, Keypad, Trackball, 12 Function keys, assistive 3.5" touchscreen
64 Universe integrated processing
Network, DMX, Timecode and Midi Connectivity
CAPTURE Duet Edition License



10x 60 mm motorized playback faders, each with 4x function-assignable buttons, digital backlit labels
12x 45mm Sub Playback Fader with Flash keys
22x Playback Executors
14x customizable multi-function keys
Playback Select button
2x Master Go section with Go, Pause, Snap and Release
4x digital rotary encoders with push function and status LED for fixture parameter control
4x screen mounted digital rotary encoders with push
1x digital intensity Encoder with push
3.5" RGB touchscreen for parameter groups, effect parameters, fanning and global timings
1x 60mm Grandmaster with Flash/DBO
Blind/HighLight/Last/Next buttons
Full numerical keypad and command keys
industrial Trackball


Industrial 15.6" TFT 16:9 touchscreen (1920x1080px)
250 GB NVMe M.2 storage drive
Industrial motherboard with Intel i5 Hexa-Core CPU
Quiet thermal design using advanced copper heat pipe coolers
Integrated graphics processor
Windows 10 IoT Embedded Operating System
OS installation by USB 3.0 storage device
Supports Windows USB touchscreens


4x DMX / RDM Universe In/Out: 5pin locking XLR
External Display: 2x DisplayPort (up to 4k)
External Display Power: 12V, 2x Molex 8pin
Network: 2x Gigabit RJ45 Ethernet for Art-Net, sACN and ONYX X-Net
Storage and Peripherals: 3x USB 3.0, 3x USB 2.0
Audio Out, Mic In: 2x 6.3mm Jack
MIDI in/out/thru (MIDI Show Control, MIDI notes, MIDI timecode): 5pin DIN
SMPTE Timecode In/Out: 3pin XLR
Locking Power In
Desk Lamp: 2x RGB LED, integrated


Length: 431 mm (16.9 in.)
Width: 928 mm (36.5 in.)
Height: 149mm (5.8 in.)
Weight: 16.4 kg (36.1 lbs.)


100-240 V nominal, 50/60 Hz, 140W


2x Integrated RGB Desk Lamp
Dust Cover
1.5 m power cable (EU or US version)
USB 3.0 Recovery stick
CAPTURE Visualizer DUET License

Specifications and documentation subject to change without notice