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NX DMX is a USB powered 2 port DMX Node. As a member of the innovative ONXY platform from Obsidian Control Systems the NX DMX provides instant access to DMX In and Outputs as well as RDM communication. The device is plug and play and requires no drivers or additional configuration to integrate with ONYX. It is designed to work with any PC but also works with any ONYX console as a fast way and affordable option to add two additional DMX ports. NX DMX supports ONYX on PC systems for up to four Universes without any dedicated license. When connected to an ONYX licensed PC or a console the NX DMX is assignable to any one of 255 Universes.

NX DMX allows for the full ONYX system to be used in many situations, from small events, tradeshows to clubs and churches. Many technicians utilize ONYX through the NX DMX as an affordable but powerful tests station due to ONYX outstanding library support.

Instant ONYX PC system –Plug and Play
USB to DMX512 adapter
Optically Isolated for equipment protection
Internal DMX processor, customizable refresh rates
2x 5pin XLR DMX (In or Out) –1024 Ch.
RDM Support
Rugged metal housing
Kensington Security Slot
Length: 92 mm (3.7 in.)
Width: 82 mm (3.3 in.)
Height: 41mm (1.7 in.)
Weight: 245g (0.6 lbs.)
Capacity: Up to two DMX universes
Device status: 3 x multicolor status LEDs
Housing: Aluminum
IP Rating: IP20
Non-domestic use in dry location only
2 x DMX / RDM Universe In/Out: 5-pin locking XLR
USB Input: USB 2.0-B
Windows 7,8 or 10
USB 2.0 port
ONYX or LightJockey 2 software

Power: 5 VDC over USB Maximum current: 300 mA
Ambient temperature: 0° – 50° C (32° – 122° F)
USB cable