The remarkable PROTEUS ATLAS is an extremely powerful and feature-packed IP66 Beam FX fixture with razor-thin 0.6° beam (zoomable to 8.5°) that slices through the night sky in a mesmerizing display visible from vast distances.
Ideally suited for theme parks, cruise ships, outdoor events and spectaculars, and the perfect jaw-dropping effect for large scale shows and concerts, the sky becomes a visual canvas for its intense beam and powerful prism and flower effects.
Utilizing an ultra-efficient 500W Solid State Phosphor-Converted (SSPC) light engine, the PROTEUS ATLAS projects captivating beams with high energy that span very long distances. Comparable to existing 7K Xenon searchlights or sky trackers, the ultra-narrow beam projects from the mammoth 320mm (12.5") front lens as a massive column of light, adding attention-grabbing impact to any event or environment.
An artistic selection of gobos and prism overlays allow for captivating mid-air visual effects, and with its incredible light intensity all CMY colors remain strong and vibrant even when fully saturated. Beam control is provided through an ultra-fast zoom and focus lens array while dual variable frosts allow softening of the beam edges for breathtaking wash effects that paint surfaces with vibrant hues or bathe the sky in a kaleidoscope of colors.
Despite its colossal capabilities, the PROTEUS ATLAS maintains a compact size and consumes minimal power, meaning it can be incorporated into virtually any lighting setup.
The PROTEUS ATLAS includes Elation’s innovative Sky Motion system, allowing it to operate as an impactful searchlight effect without the need for a dedicated lighting controller. Multiple fixtures can be seamlessly interconnected, and with the simple assignment of IDs, the fixture provides immediate access to a variety of dazzling movement patterns that are easily adjustable in size, speed, and color directly from the display. The Sky Motion system allows for standalone operation and is easy to set up and adjust directly from the fixture display, even for "non-lighting" users, expanding the usability of the fixture beyond traditional show lighting applications.
Fully IP66 rated, the PROTEUS ATLAS stands as a testament to innovation and power, delivering extreme output comparable to large 7000W Xenon fixtures while operating at a fraction of the power for a much smaller footprint and at a weight that defies its capabilities.

Technical Data


500W Solid State Phosphor-Converted (SSPC) Light Engine
IP66 housing
Ultra Long Throw Beam FX
Continuous 360 Pan Movement
CMY Color Mixing
FX Package with rotating, fixed gobos, prisms and dual frost
Sky Motion Standalone System
Protective Foam In Lay for transport


500W Solid State Phosphor-Converted (SSPC) Light Engine
9000K, CRI 70
12,000 Hour Lamp Life

*Lamp Life may vary depending on several factors including but not limited to:
Environmental Conditions, Power/Voltage, Usage Patterns (On-Off Cycling), Control and Dimming.


1.000.000 Lux @ 20m
100.000 Lux @ 100m
Beam Angle 0.6° - 8.5°˚


Dual Frost (Hot- Spot Beam, Wash FX)
Ultra- Fast Zoom
2x3 Prisms on Dual Planes
Digital Shutter and Strobe
Pan Angle 360° / 540°
Tilt Angle 250°


Full CMY Color Mixing System
25 Position Color Wheel


2 Gobo Wheels
13 Interchangeable-Rotating / Indexing Metal Gobos
26 Static-Stamped Metal Gobos



2 DMX Channel Modes (26/36 Ch)
(6) Button Touch Panel
Full Color 180° Reversible LCD Menu Display
DMX, RDM, Art-Net and sACN Protocol Support
NFC Support
Ip65 5pin DMX In/Out
IP65 RJ45 Ethernet In/Out
IP65 Locking Power In


Length: 370mm (14.5")
Width: 508mm (20")
Height: 800mm (31.5")
Weight: 53 kg (117lbs.)


AC 100-240V - 50/60Hz
670W Max Power Consumption
-20°C to 45°C (-4°F to 113°F)


Current firmware can be found here (login required)

Specifications and documentation subject to change without notice


Color Flags
Cyan Cyan
 Magenta Magenta
 Yellow Yellow
Color Wheel
Cyan Cyan
 Cyan 2 Cyan 2
 Green Green
 Green 2 Green 2
 Kelly Green Kelly Green
 Red Red
 Blue Blue
 Blue 2 Blue 2
 Deep Blue Deep Blue
 Orange Orange
 High CRI High CRI
 Yellow Yellow
 Yellow Green Yellow Green
 Magenta Magenta
 C.T.O. C.T.O.
 Light Blue Light Blue
 Pink Pink
 Wine Pink Wine Pink
 Light Yellow Light Yellow
 Deep Yellow Deep Yellow
 Amber Amber
 Dark Amber Dark Amber
 Red Amber Red Amber
 Quad Color Quad Color
Gobo Wheel 1
Gobo 52
 Gobo 53
 Gobo 69
 Gobo 71
 Gobo 117
 Gobo 121
 Gobo 122
 Gobo 136
 Gobo 162
 Gobo 163
 Gobo 164
 Gobo 165
 Gobo 166
Gobo Wheel 2
Gobo 39
 Gobo 40
 Gobo 53
 Gobo 54
 Gobo 62
 Gobo 140
 Gobo 141
 Gobo 142
 Gobo 143
 Gobo 144
 Gobo 145
 Gobo 146
 Gobo 147
 Gobo 148
 Gobo 149
 Gobo 150
 Gobo 151
 Gobo 152
 Gobo 153
 Gobo 154
 Gobo 155
 Gobo 161
 Gobo 167
 Gobo 168
Prism 2
 Prism 3
 Prism 6
 Prism 8
 Prism 9
 Prism 10