ART-1024 COM+

The ART1024 COM+ add-on offers the possibility to interconnect several ART1024 controllers for multiroom installations and direct control via a cable or wireless network using a computer or a smartphone.
How does it work?
- A single ESA PRO show/document is used. This includes all DMX fixtures and zones. As long as you assign the fixtures to the different zones, the “Areas patch” window will allow you to assign each zone to a physical ART1024 controller.
- Each ART1024 controller’s memory is written simultaneously using its name and IP address over the local network.
- If multiple ART1024 control the same DMX zone, they will be completely synchronized and will follow each other as remote controls.

Technical Data

The package contains:

- a RJ45 optional card to access to ETHERNET/NETWORK features
- a customized Infrared Remote Control (ready to use)
- a remote application available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Smartphone (iPhone/iPad, Google Android, Windows Mobile)

Specifications and documentation subject to change without notice