Artiste Dali

Code: 1237000177


The Artiste Dali™ is a hybrid luminaire featuring a new 380W LED-Laser phosphor hybrid engine with advanced optics and motorized zoom producing 14,000+ total lumens, 3-8° beam and 8-43° spot apertures, full CMY color mixing and linear CTO color correction, 10 dichroic colors including CTB and UV, 6 rotating interchangeable glass and 11 static-stamped metal gobos, full 360° bi-directional animation wheel, 5-facet and line rotating prisms and prism macros, frost filter, motorized focus and auto-focus, high speed iris, shutter, and strobe, electronic dimming and variable dimming curve modes, DMX, RDM (Remote Device Management), Art-NET, and sACN protocol support, Elation’s E-FLY™ internal wireless DMX transceiver, 5pin XLR, RJ45 etherCON, and powerCON TRUE1 in/out connections, full color 180° reversible menu display with multi-button control panel, battery backup for display power, and a multi-voltage universal auto switching power supply (100-240v).

High Powered 380W LED-Laser Phosphor Hybrid Luminaire
3° - 8° Motorized Zoom in Beam Mode
8° - 43° Motorized Zoom in Spot Mode
360° Full Bi-Directional Animation Wheel
Innovative Auto Focus
12.000 Lumen with LED Module
14.000+ Lumen with LED and Laser Phosphor Module combined
Full CMY Color Mixing and Linear CTO Color Correction
Pan/Tilt Lock
Low Heat, Quiet Operation, Hibernation Mode
Adjustable Refresh Frequency and Gamma Brightness
Variable Dimming Curves
Flicker Free Operation for TV and Film
Internal E-FLY™ Wireless DMX Receiver
Art-NET and sACN (DMX over Ethernet) Support
RDM – Remote Device Management
380W Cool White (8,000K) LED-Laser Phosphor Engine
14,000+ Total Lumen, 8,000K
50,000 Hour Average LED/Laser Life*
5-Facet and Linear Rotating Prisms
360° Full Bi-Directional Animation Wheel
Wash Frost Filter
Iris: 5% - 100%
Strobe: 1-18fps
Dimming: 0% - 100%
Variable Dimming Curve Modes
10 Dichroic Colors + White (Open)
CMY Color Mixing and Linear CTO Color Correction
2 Gobo Wheels
6 Interchangeable / Rotating / Indexing Glass & Metal Gobos
11 Static-Stamped / Indexing Metal Gobos
(3) DMX Channel Modes (27 / 29 / 41)
RDM (Remote Device Management)
6 Button Touch Control Panel
Full Color 180° Reversible LCD Menu Display
Battery Powered Menu Display
8 / 16 Bit Resolution Adjustable Movement
5pin DMX In/Out
etherCON (RJ45) In/Out (Art-NET and sACN)
powerCON TRUE1 Power In/Out
USB Firmware Upload Port
Internal E-FLY™ Wireless DMX Receiver
AC 100-240V - 50/60Hz
TBA Max Power Consumption
-13°F to 113°F (-25°C to 45°C)
1227000013 WP-02 Outdoor Dome
1322000054 E Loader III
1322000055 E-FLY Wireless DMX Transceiver
*LED/Laser Life may vary depending on several factors including but not limited to: Environmental Conditions, Power/Voltage, Usage Patterns (On-Off Cycling), Control, and Dimming.