SŌL I Blinder

Inspired by the radiant sun, the SŌL I BLINDER is the first in a new groundbreaking series of creative LED blinder and effects solutions that seamlessly marries cutting-edge technology with artistic ingenuity. 

With its sleek and modern aesthetic, SŌL I BLINDER seamlessly integrates into any stage or event setting, offering limitless creative potential. What sets SŌL apart is its ingenious modular design, offering endless possibilities for configuration and arrangement. Using simple fixture interconnects, threaded adapters, mounts and yoke accessories, designers can effortlessly link SŌL I Blinder to other fixtures or devices, exponentially expanding creative options for unique shapes and arrays. Use it as a single-cell, 2- or 4-cell blinder or connect even more fixtures together for a versatile effects panel that is perfect for eye-candy looks. Create linear blinder arrays, single or multi-unit pendants, custom shapes, and more. The possibilities are endless! 
Multiple lens options, coupled with a host of accessories, enhance the fixture's potential even further. An optional Bowens mount adaptor ring allows for a number of Bowens mount accessories to be attached to the front of the fixture for even more aesthetic options and creative impact. Add to that a variety of mounting options and designers are empowered with the flexibility to craft unique visual experiences tailored to each performance or event. 
The SŌL I BLINDER boasts a remarkable spectrum of colors from a 250W RGB+Lime+Amber+White LED engine with 93+ CRI for high-quality color reproduction. The proprietary RGBLAW engine delivers exceptionally bright, high-fidelity whites while offering a full color range that takes LED blinder color to the next level.
Despite its compact form, the SŌL I BLINDER packs a punch at over 8000 lumens! Fully variable 16-bit color temperature adjustment from 1800K - 8500K is achievable and a dim to warm or red shift emulation function has been included to allow you to match the warm glow of an incandescent blinder. CMY emulation provides the designer with immediate access to the impressive LED color array including beautiful mixed whites while a virtual gel library allows for easy recall of a variety of premixed shades.
Controllable via DMX or RDM protocols, SŌL I BLINDER offers a unique 'Array Mode' addressing system and our proprietary Aria x2 wireless device management for simpler system setup and maintenance. You can also choose between high-output blinder mode or constant output mode when even light level is required for long periods of time. 
IP65 rated and convection cooled for use in harsh environments, the SŌL I BLINDER is wrapped in a lightweight yet durable compact housing. 
Unleash your creativity and redefine the limits of live entertainment lighting with SŌL - illuminating the path to limitless creativity! 

Technical Data


>8000 Lumens, (TBD) CRI
46° Beam Angle
Simple 'Array Mode' Addressing System
Dim-to-Warm/ Red Shift Emulation
High Output Blinder Mode or Constant Output Mode Options
Nearly Endless Mounting and Configuration Options
IP65 Rated


30,000 Hour Average LED Life*
*Lamp Life may vary depending on several factors including but not limited to:
Environmental Conditions, Power/Voltage, Usage Patterns (On-Off Cycling), Control and Dimming.


Total Lumen Output
9128 (Integrating Sphere)

Compound Lens

Beam Angle: 46°
Field Angle: 85°

No Lens

Beam Angle: 52°
Field Angle: 95°


Variable Strobe Rate: 1- 20kHz
Dim-to-Warm/ Red Shift Emulation
Variable 16-bit Dimming Modes and Curves
High Output Blinder Mode or Constant Output Mode Options


ColourTune Technology
RGBLAW Color Array
CMY Emulation
Variable CCT 1,800K - 8,500K
Virtual Gel Swatch Book


12 DMX Channel Modes (1ch, 2ch, 3ch, 4ch, 6ch, 7ch, 13ch, 21ch, 10ch, 15ch, 10ch & 15ch)
Simple 'Array Mode' Addressing System
Manual and DMX Controlled Dimmer and Color
4 Button Control Panel, LED Display
Aria x2 Wireless Device Management
RDM (Remote Device Management)
5pin DMX and IP65 Locking Power Cable In/Out


Length: 185 mm (7.28”)
Width: 114 mm (4.48”)
Horizontal Height: 114 mm (4.48”)
Weight (Fixture Only): 2.9 kg (5.5 lbs)
Weight (With Floor Stand/Yoke): 4.2 kg (9.25 lbs)


AC 100-240V - 50/60Hz
285W Max Power Consumption
-15°C to 45°C (5°F to 113°F)
BTU/hr (+/- 10%) 972


Fixture Yoke/ Floor Stand
Fixture Interconnect Lock
IP65 Locking Power Cable


1236300103 SŌL I Rear Mount Bracket (SOL1 RMB)
1236300098 SŌL I M10 Connect (SOL1 M10C)
1236300102 SŌL I Interconnect (SOL1 IC)
1236300109 SŌL I Interconnect Pack
1236300110 Fixture Interconnect Splice Package
1236300096 SŌL I Heavy Duty Yoke (SOL1 Y)
1236300112 SOL/PULSE HD YOKE
1236300100 SŌL Gel Frame Holder Kit (SOL GFHK)
1236300106 SŌL Frosted Lens (SOL FRO)
1236300095 SŌL Fresnel Lens (SOL FL)
1236300094 SŌL Bowens Adapter (SOL BA)
1236300099 SŌL Barndoor (SOL BD)
1236300101 SŌL Power & DMX Jumper Cable (PDJ112)



Current firmware can be found here (login required)



Specifications and documentation subject to change without notice