Rayzor Q12Z

The Rayzor Q12 Zoom™ is a compact and fast wash luminaire featuring (12) 15W Quad Color RGBW LEDs, 13° to 29° motorized zoom, RGBW color mixing and color macros, variable color temperatures (2,700K - 8,000K) and dimming modes, multiple pixel zone control and chase effects, 16bit 3-phase motors, locking 5pin DMX and locking power in/out connections, RDM (remote device management), flicker free operation for broadcast TV and FILM, (6) button control full color 180° reversible menu display, 260W max power consumption, and a multi-voltage universal auto switching power supply (100-240v).

Technical Data


Compact and Fast Zoom Wash LED luminaire
13° - 29° Motorized Zoom
RGBW Color Mixing and Color Macros
Variable Color Temperatures (2,700K - 8,000K)
Variable Dimming Modes
Multiple Pixel Zone Control and Chase Effects
16bit 3-Phase Motors
RDM - Remote Device Management
Flicker Free Operation for Broadcast TV and FILM


(12) 15W Quad Color RGBW LEDs
100,000 Hour Average LED Life


Distance @ 2.5m
5,680 LUX 13° Min Zoom
806 LUX 29° Max Zoom


Multiple Pixel Zone Control
Color Macro and Chase Effects
Strobe: 1-18fps
Dimming: 0% - 100%
Variable Dimming Modes


RGBW Color Mixing
Variable Color Temperatures (2,700K - 8,000K)


(3) DMX Channel Modes (17 / 20/ 28)
RDM (Remote Device Management)
6 Button Touch Control Panel
Full Color 180° Reversible LCD Menu Display
16 Bit 3-Phase Motors
8 / 16 Bit Resolution Adjustable Movement
Locking 5pin DMX In/Out
Locking power connector In/Out


Length: 302mm
Width: 214mm
Vertical Height: 434mm
Weight: 10.4 kg


AC 100-240V - 50/60Hz
260W Max Power Consumption
-25°C to 45°C

Specifications and documentation subject to change without notice