M6 upgrade kit

Obisidan Control Systems has designed this powerful upgrade kit that replaces the entire processing core of the M6 console, adds a Windows IOT license and a dedicated ONYX license. This kit takes the M6 to the next level.

This upgrade was necessary for several reasons; The M6 was only licensed for Windows 7 Embedded, but ONYX no longer supports the Windows 7 OS. The original video card of the M6 is a business class graphics card suitable to drive multiple displays, but it does not have anywhere near enough processing power for the 3D calculations that ONYX now requires with DyLOS integration. This means there is no way for DyLOS to function on it and it has to be replaced with a modern graphics card. However a new graphics card also means replacing the motherboard (and CPU/RAM/SSD) to support the fully accelerated PCI 3.0 x16 slot and the CPU and OS requirements.

The result is pretty much a new console under the hood with the latest components and a lot of processing power. The smart modular design of the M6 allows an easy exchange of the core components which creates a full refresh of the desk and an incredibly powerful console.

Technical Data


Industrial motherboard
Intel Core i7 9700 CPU
Low noise CPU fan and cooler
Samsung EVO 500GB M.2 NVME SSD
SSD drive cooler
ATI WX4100 4GB Graphics card
New cover plate with fan
ONXY License PCB
128 Universes License for ONYX
Full DYLOS support
Windows IOT License
2x USB drives for OS and DYLOS Content

The installation of the kit is easy and straightforward, and can be completed by users in under 90 minutes, including the OS install.

The kit can be purchased from any Obsidian dealer or distributor here

Specifications and documentation subject to change without notice