Obsidian Control Systems recently conducted back-to-back training sessions at its European headquarters in Kerkrade, The Netherlands, aimed at training its European distributors on the specifics of the intuitive ONYX lighting control platform. The sessions were specifically designed to springboard an Obsidian awareness campaign starting with a unique program to Train the Trainers.

Koy Neminathan, Elation Director of Business Development, who helped lead the sessions, commented, “Nothing is perfect until you have mastered it, and that is why we are investing our resources into educating our network of distributors and resellers. In turn, they will be available to train those who want to learn more about the ONYX software. These sessions have been received positively by those who attended our first course and this is just the start.”

Obsidian partners across the world are being offered the Train the Trainer sessions alongside Obsidian’s current 3-day ONYX course, which also includes an in-depth look at the NETRON line of data distribution products. Participants complete a program in which learning techniques are explained and practical tests are delivered with the aim of equipping individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to effectively train others in the powerful features that lay within the easy-to-learn platform.

Nineteen attendees from nine countries were the first to participate in the Train the Trainer sessions with more planned in the coming weeks. “The ultimate goal is to create a knowledgeable team of trainers around the globe who can effectively transfer their knowledge and skills to others so that no matter where you live or what you work in, from students to freelancers and rental companies to TV studio technicians, you have access to Obsidian training,” Koy stated. “Stay tuned for upcoming sessions as we continue to empower individuals worldwide.”