Elation is excited to present an exceptional line-up of new lighting tools September 3-5 at the PLASA tradeshow at Olympia in West London. Discover how Elation continues to push the boundaries of possibility in the world of entertainment lighting. Visitors to Elation Stand D50 will be some of the first in the UK to see the latest cutting-edge luminaires in the company’s Proteus™, Fuze™ and KL™ lines, along with other innovative lighting solutions designed to elevate the live entertainment experience.

Highlights in the market-leading Proteus IP65 series include the new Proteus Radius™, a high-intensity Beam FX fixture with Solid State phosphor-converted light engine, and Proteus Odeon™, a framing profile fixture with an industry-first completely variable CRI LED engine. Visitors will also be some of the first to see the Proteus Hybrid MAX™, a compact IP65 hybrid fixture and the upgraded big-brother of Elation’s ground-breaking Proteus Hybrid.

Also on display will be the new Fuze Teatro™, a fully-automated yet fanless framing fixture for completely silent operation and the first fanless automated luminaire incorporating an additive color engine. New luminaires on show in the KL “Key Light” series include the KL CYC™ cyclorama/set/wall wash along with the all-in-one KL Profile FC™ and KL Spot IP™ ellipsoidals. The industry’s broadest range of automated lighting is complemented by professional Obsidian lighting control and dependable Magmatic atmospheric effects.

Don't miss this opportunity to explore the future of lighting technology. Our team of experts will be on hand to provide demonstrations and insights into the advanced features and versatile capabilities of these groundbreaking fixtures. We are proud to partner with Entedi Ltd. to distribute Elation products in the UK. Join us at Elation Stand D50 and Entedi Stand C18&E16 and be part of the evolution of light.

Proteus Radius™: The Proteus Radius is a compact, high-intensity Beam FX fixture with IP65 rating. Utilizing an efficient 100W Solid State phosphor-converted light engine, the fixture projects narrow, intense beams with incredible power at long distances. The Solid State phosphor-converted light engine delivers an ultra-intense 0.9˚ beam that slices through with unparalleled brilliance, visuals that command attention and leave a lasting impression, even across vast distances. 360-degree movement on both axis allows for impactful beam animations, while the CMY color mix, gobos, prisms, and frost allow the designer to compose an endless array of stunning aerial effects.

Proteus Odeon™: Proteus Odeon features the industry's first completely variable CRI LED engine. The variable CRI system allows for custom selection of the best blend of light output and color accuracy, and is seamlessly adjustable from CRI 70 to CRI 93. As CRI adapts, the color temperature remains stable, ensuring accurate color representation and visual quality. With CRI adjustable from a single fixture, not only can Odeon cater to a wide range of applications but designers do not require multiple variants of lights to achieve accurate color representation. An industry-first innovation in color and performance control, this IP65-rated framing profile fixture is also packed with design features.

Proteus Hybrid MAX™: The Proteus Hybrid MAX is a compact IP65 hybrid fixture that seamlessly combines high output and extended lamp life. This upgraded big-brother of Elation’s ground breaking Proteus Hybrid is equipped with the innovative Philips MSD Platinum FLEX 500 lamp, boasting a 550W rating and lamp life of up to 4,000 hours. The fixture incorporates CMY and linear CTO color correction, along with an extensive range of projection and effects choices. Emitting a brilliant 22,000 lumens through its spacious 170mm front aperture, the Proteus Hybrid MAX produces vividly potent beams, precise gobos, and vibrant washes, qualities that make it adaptable for nearly any application, all while delivering a remarkable return on investment.

Fuze Teatro: The Fuze Teatro is designed for any application where a silent fully-automated framing fixture with outstanding and compelling color range and quality is required. The fixture is fanless for completely silent operation in noise sensitive environments. It houses a 480W RGBMA LED array with CRI of 91 and output of over 15000 lumens. Two rotating gobo wheels, animation wheel, dual frost, prism and iris round out its comprehensive feature set.

KL CYC: The KL CYC is an ideal LED lighting solution for smooth and even cyclorama, set and wall washing applications. Housing an RGBMA color system, it utilizes a carefully crafted asymmetrical reflector design to achieve perfect blends while covering significant heights with ease. It is also an ideal choice for footlight positions, providing excellent versatility for stage, film, television and event lighting use. Seamless magnetic alignment, a simple mounting bracket attachment, and elegant power and data management make the KL CYC a breeze to integrate.

KL Profile FC: The KL Profile FC is a manual ellipsoidal framing fixture with 305W RGBMA LED engine designed for a wide array of precision lighting applications. With a 7 to 50-degree zoom, the fixture requires no additional lens tubes, reducing cost, complexity and providing excellent flexibility for any theater or performance venue. Included is a 16-bit rotating gobo slot and full blackout framing system with a Fresnel wash conversion kit available as an option. Output exceeds 10,000 lumens.

KL Spot IP™: The IP65-rated KL Spot IP™ is a fully automated static ellipsoidal fixture with zoom and the ideal complement to the KL Profile FC™. With a 7 to 50-degree zoom, the fixture requires no additional lens tubes, reducing cost, complexity and providing excellent flexibility for any venue. High color quality and color manipulation are central to the KL Spot IP and a comprehensive feature set ensures plenty of design options.