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DMX DIP Switch Calculator

DMX DIP Switch calculator will assist with setting the correct dip switch settings. The calculator will work for units which use "normal" dmx addressing. If your units use "block" addressing, you need to work it out yourself. Some units do not have switch 10 or may use it for another function, or may have switch 9 as part of a separate switch bank.

Download DMX Dip Switch Calculator:  LINK


The Elation Professional Forum

The Elation Professional Forum was developed to provide a convenient discussion area for technical support and to help answer questions and provide assistance for Elation Professional Products. This forum is not intended for gossip, slander, or the reselling of any products. Any such postings will be removed and may result in the posting party to be banned from this forum. This site is not a service area, however as stated above it is for "Technical Support".