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Code 1322000044

E-Loader II Softw.Update Box for Elation

Technical Data

- Software Upload / Updater Box for Elation Fixtures
- For use with most Platinum Series, Rayzor Series and Design Series*
- Full Color Display screen and touch button
- Internal rechargeable battery
- Link all alike fixture types and update at once
- Easily update software via micro sd card slot
- 3pin DMX output

*E-loader II can update the same fixtures as E-loader and these new fixtures:

Platinum Beam 5R Extreme
Platinum BX
Platinum SBX
Platinum Profile LED
Platinum Wash 16R PRO
Rayzor Q12Z
Rayzor Beam 2R
Satura Spot CMY
Satura Spot LED PRO 


Specifications and documentation subject to change without notice