Dr DMX III - DMX MultitoolArchive

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Dr DMX III - DMX Multitool

Technical Data

- DMX packet, format, timing, level testing
- RDM compatible with cable testing function
- Reduced Size and Weight, pocket friendly
- Builds Cues, Memories, Chases
- Fixture library built-in
- Easy channel testing
- Multiple language display

The DR DMX III allows you to check any DMX signal using multiple parameters as well as generating DMX sequences for testing purposes or as back up. It is compliant to RDM protocol and features cue recording as well as Moving Light triggering and a cable tester/analyzing function. The DR DMX III comes packed in a stable case with charger for the built-in battery. The ultimate Operator and Rigger´s tool!


- Professional DMX-512 & RDM tester
- Analog/ Digital cable test
- DMX packet, including data format, data timing and data level (volt), can be tested
- Receiving DMX data, i.e. RX, can be displayed in Barchart, Value or Min/Max mode
- Transmitting DMX data, i.e. TX, has four options: 512 channel, Single channel, Cue/Memory and Run Cues(Scenes)
- RX data can be saved as cue, whereas the cue can serve as TX data
- Up to 15 cues can be saved and replayed, and be cleared
- Start code TX (0-255), Hold/ Normal RX display, DMX polarity
- Fixture library is editable, with a maximum of 10 fixtures, up to 36 channels per fixture
- Up to 10 fixtures can be tested with selectable starting address
- User-friendly operating and help information
- Text version Supports English, Spanish, German, French and Italian
- 4x20 characters LCD backlit display with adjustable contrast
- Dial wheel for access of menus and data entry
- 3-pin & 5-pin XLR male & female socket
- Power Requirement: DC 9 V (EU Power Supply), 500mA (powered by built-in, rechargeable battery, adaptor included)
- Dimensions: 136x208x75 mm (Case)
- Weight: 0.6 kg

Specifications and documentation subject to change without notice