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Compu Show SD+ DMX/ArtNET Software

Technical Data

Compu SD+ is a DMX lighting software to be
used with any type of lighting fixture which utilizes USITT
DMX-512 or ARTNet signal for communication. The Compu Show
software has powerful tools to help in creating and generating
scenes, cues, chases and shows easily. This Software also features
pre generated movements, such as circles, figure eights, sweeps,
stars and polygons, to assist in easy and fast programming.
Compu Show also comes standard with a powerful 3D
Visualization software, which allows you to easily create a
scenario of your imagination using Studio 3D object formatting.
Basic Objects and truss structures are included to help in getting
started right away, and lighting fixtures are instantly inputted as
soon as you create a page in the Compu Show.
For the advanced lighting programmer, Compu Show also
features Easy Stand Alone. This powerful software is created to
help synchronize lighting scenes or cues to music, using a time
line format. Easy Stand Alone can also generate direct input into
the Interfaces for playback without running the software or for
synchronized timings.
Compu runs on all XP, Vista and Windows 7 (32/64 bit).
All Interfaces are equipped with a DMX Input and Output, as
well as analogue trigger ports. All Interfaces have built-in
stand alone memory and playback buttons.  

Mode: Live PC
 DMX Channels: 3 x 512
 Ethernet Channels (Art Net): Unlimited
 Easy View: Full
 Easy Show: Yes
 MIDI Live Control: Yes
 MIDI Time Code (IN-OUT): Yes
 PC Clock Triggering: Yes
 Ports Triggering: Yes
 Mode: Stand Alone 
 DMX Channels: 2 x 512
 Stand Alone Memory: miniSD
 Ports Triggering: Yes
 Clock/Calendar Triggering: Yes
 Multi-Zone: Yes
 Easy Stand Alone: Yes
 ART 11024: Yes


Specifications and documentation subject to change without notice