AR-32RM - 19" DMX Playback UnitArchive

Code 1323000007

AR-32RM - 19" DMX Playback Unit

Technical Data

- Records 512 DMX channels
- Software based programming
- Run programs by calendar function
- Built-in real time clock
- 32 programs / endless scenes
- IR remote control included
- Power failure memory

The AR-32 RM is a versatile DMX controller for rack mount
or table top use. It can record chases and shows in realtime
and playback them. The range of application is endless. It’s
common for conference and meeting rooms, exhibition
stands, offices, showrooms and sales rooms. The light designer
initially records the scenes to the AR-32 RM memory
from any DMX controller and anyone can simply recall
them using the “Show” buttons or the included infrared remote
without to know anything about DMX signals and
programming. Also remote playback using external DMXsignals
is possible. Further on all shows can be run using
the internal time/week planner.


- 512 Channel Architectural real time recorder/ playback
- Record show hold and fade times
- DMX, Manual, Infrared and Auto trigger for show playback
- Link to PC (AR-32 Software) via USB input
- Synchronize clock for Auto playback
- Set Auto On/Off times
- 19 rack system; Space rack Mount
- Power failure memory
- IR remote included
- 3 pin XLR DMX Input & Output
- Voltage: AC 100V - 240V, 50/60Hz

Specifications and documentation subject to change without notice