New Controller FAQ

In March 2018 Elation assumed the rights to the Martin M-Series platform to continue its support, development and manufacturing as part of the Elation family. This FAQ should help answer most related questions for this transition.

Does Elation now manufacture Martin M-Series products?
Elation has agreed to purchase all intellectual rights to the M-Series hardware and software platform. For a limited period of time Elation will sell the products under the Martin M-Series product name, manufactured by Martin Professional. Over time Elation will move production to its own manufacturing facilities. Elation and Martin are committed to a seamless transition to ensure high quality and minimal disruption to themarket.

Which products will be available through Elation?
All current M-Series controllers and software solutions are moving to Elation worldwide. This includes M6, M1HD, M2GO HD, M2PC, M-Touch, M-Play, M-DMX, M-Sync, M-PC and related accessories.

I own an M-Series controller or license. Will future software work on it?
All existing M-Series consoles will be actively supported where technically possible, and it is expected thatsoftware updates will work on existing consoles for the for eseeable future as the hardware supports it. All existing licenses in the market will be acknowledged by Elation in the future.

Will the product names like M1-HD stay the same?
Elation has the rights to use existing product names for a limited time. Further information about branding andproducts will be communicated.

Who will develop the software?
Elation is strongly committed to the continuos development of this product line to meet the user and marketneeds and is excited about the potential of this control platform. All existing and any new software and hardware will continue to be developed by the same experienced team of engineers in Belgium with additionalresources provided by Elations global operations.

I have an older M-Series product. Who will support me?
All “M” related products will be supported and if necessary repaired by Elation going forward. Technical andparts support for legacy controller products is offered through Martin Professional. Elation is committed to support the existing user base and continue to grow the community of this successful platform.

I just bought a new M-Series product. Where will I get warranty?
Elation will provide warranty and parts services for all existing “M” products in the market through its global support network.

Will Elation sell and support the Martin ShowDesigner Visualizer?
No. ShowDesigner is an independent product line and is not part of these changes. Controllers will ship with anincluded MSD license for a limited time until stock is depleted. Elation offers Capture as its preferred visualization tool. For further information about ShowDesigner pleaserefer to

Will M-PC remain a free download?
The software is designed from a single universe PC system to a large hardware console. Elation wants currentand interested new users to be able to experience this powerful software platform without restrictions. It willcontinue to offer limited amounts of Universes at no charge when using specific USB-DMX devices, Artnet orsACN. Elation offers a range of 2, 4 and 8-port Ethernet DMX nodes that are supported.

Will the current M-Series support site stay active including existing training videos?
The M-Series support site has moved to

Will the current Martin Controller Forum stay active?
The forum has moved to

I want to learn this software. Where do I get training?
Elation will provide extensive training resources, including in-person seminars, online documentation, videos, webinars and help forums to support all new and existing users.

I need a fixture library, who will provide it for me?
Precise fixture libraries are important and currently close to 12.000 types are already included. Elation will soon offer a library request service for M-Series through an online form and is committed to a fast turnaround time to support all manufacturers of lighting fixtures.

Will the pricing of M-Series change?
All products will be included into a new pricelist shortly, and products will be competitively priced. For specific pricing please reach out to an authorized Elation dealer.

Who do I contact?
As Elation transitions into this exciting new product line it may take a bit to set up all product and support pages.

For the time being send sales inquiries to for america’s and APAC and for EMEA and support related questions to for america’s and APAC