Hog DMX Widget

Code: 1322000053

The Hog 4 Widget provides a single universe of DMX 512 output from any Hog 4 OS consoles and any Hog 4 PC. Packaged in a sleek, black metal package, up to 8 DMX Widgets may be connected at once via a USB Hub to provide 8 full universes of DMX 512 to the Hog 4, Full Boar 4 and Hog 4 PC, up to 4 DMX Widgets can be connected to the Road Hog 4 and HedgeHog 4X, and up to 2 can be connected to HedgeHog 4, 4S, 4E and 4N. A USB cable is included.
This configuration provides an excellent solution for backup and playback only applications. By adding Nano Hog 4, Playback Wing 4 and Master Wing 4, users can configure powerful control solutions that precisely suit their needs and budgets.
For Hog 4 PC users, attaching 1 DMX Widget also unlocks 1 universe of DMX over Art-Net and E1.3.1 (sACN). Users can connect up to 8 total DMX Widgets to Hog 4 PC to unlock a total of 8 Art-Net and sACN universes.
Single DMX 512 Output On 5-pin XLR Connector
512 Channels Total Output Capacity
Rugged, Sleek, Stackable Metal Package
(5) Status LEDs (TX and RX Modes, DMX, Active, and Link)
Kensington Security Slot
USB-B Input | 5pin XLR Output
USB Powered and USB Cable Included
(8) DMX Widgets via USB Hub - Hog 4, Full Boar 4, Hog 4 PC
(4) DMX Widgets - Road Hog 4 and HedgeHog 4X
(2) DMX Widgets - HedgeHog 4, 4S, 4E and 4N
Length: 4.2” (105.66mm)
Width: 2.5” (64.45mm)
Vertical Height: 1.6” (41.39mm)
Weight: 0.75 lbs. (.34kg)