Code: 1310000094


When you're in need of more functionality in Capture, you can simply upgrade your version to any higher version.

Need more functionality for your Capture Duet software? No worries, just upgrade! Double your possibilities with an upgrade to Capture Quartet. Upgrading to Capture Quartet will give you following features:
• Number of DMX Universes - 4 (Double the amount compared to Duet)
• Record, Playback and Render Still Snapshots in High Resolution 
• Import Models via SKP, 3DS & OBJ Files with Layers, Groups and Materials 
• Full AtlaBase Library with On-Demand Addition of Missing Items 
• Laser feeds from LaserAnimation and Pangolin - 4 (Double the amount compared to Duet)
• Video Playbacks from Local File - 4 (Double the amount compared to Duet)
• Paperwork - Create Plots, Reports & Print 
• Video Streams from CITP/MSEX or Green Hippo Media Servers - 4 (Double the amount compared to Duet)
• Import Models via DXF & DWG Files with Layers and Groups 
• Record, play back and render movie snapshots to video files 
• Create Stand-Alone Presentation Executables with Snapshots 
• Motion Controlled Cameras & Scenery using DMX and Kinesys K2 
• DMX Controlled Water Jet Effects - 40 (Double the amount compared to Duet)
Software (and Upgrades) cannot be returned.