All Time Low’s Summer U.S. Tour

24.08.2017 | All Time Low’s Summer U.S. Tour Features Elation Lighting and Video ... Read more

Foreigner 40th Anniversary Tour

23.08.2017 | See Factor Supplies Elation Arena Pars for Foreigner 40th Anniversary Tour... Read more

Eggshell Light Company

18.08.2017 | First Proteus Hybrids land in the Hawaiian Islands to Eggshell Light Company... Read more

Brolga Theatre, Australia

16.08.2017 | Australia’s Brolga Theatre goes multi-Platinum with Elation Platinum Seven... Read more

El Club, Detroit

16.08.2017 | Detroit’s El Club Features Eclectic Music with Elation Lighting Rig to Match... Read more

Sonic Bloom Festival

10.08.2017 | Colorado’s Sonic Bloom Delivers Unique EDM Experience with Elation Lighting ... Read more

Arka Room New York

08.08.2017 | New York City’s Intimate Arka Room Dazzles with Elation Lighting ... Read more

Hall & Oates / Tears for Fears Tour

03.08.2017 | Elation Lighting on Daryl Hall & John Oates / Tears for Fears Tour... Read more

Renovated Circus Building

02.08.2017 | Tribute Concert at Renovated Communist-era Circus Building Features Elation Lighting... Read more